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Created 3-Oct-12
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<div id="cap_title">Smoked Turkey Breasts</div><div id="cap_subtitle"></div><div id="cap_more">Our main bird gets a good roasting but to me, Thanksgiving isn't really Thanksgiving if I don't get my ha<div id="cap_title">Canadian Bacon: After</div><div id="cap_subtitle"></div><div id="cap_more">Right out of the smoker and after a short rest, these pieces are fully cooked and ready to eat...almost.<div id="cap_title">Canadian Bacon: Before</div><div id="cap_subtitle"></div><div id="cap_more">This is about six pounds of pork loin that's been in a maple & brown sugar cure for three weeks...all ne<div id="cap_title">Alaskan King Crab</div><div id="cap_subtitle"></div><div id="cap_more">No, these didn't go in the smoker!  Just a gentle heat-through in the oven, some drawn butter, and...</div><div id="cap_title">Canadian Bacon: During</div><div id="cap_subtitle"></div><div id="cap_more">This is another batch, after about 4 hours of apple wood smoke.  We're not done yet, though.  These fell<div id="cap_title">Canadian Bacon: After</div><div id="cap_subtitle"></div><div id="cap_more">These guys have been well rested under wraps and are ready for portioning and packaging...after the manda<div id="cap_title">Baby Back Ribs</div><div id="cap_subtitle">Not quite done yet!</div><div id="cap_more">One of my earlier attempts at ribs, before acquiring the new smoker.  Not bad...but many moreKitty Litter Cake made by my wife, Dona.  Happy birthday, Mickey!

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